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Independent candidate, where is your guts?


The election for the candidates for regent and deputy regent in Tabanan regency is just one step away. But so far, the repercussions of the five-year political event are as if they belong only to the ruling party. Namely the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle. So where are the others?


When compared to the previous regional head elections, the ripples ahead of this year’s regional head elections are relatively cool. Ruling party competitors; that is, PDI Perjuangan so far is still ‘down’.

Even a number of parties who have been antipathy with the government in power are also still preoccupied with the ‘hide and seek’ discussion. They seem impressed with the discourse without follow-up execution of the appearance of a clear candidate.

Some WhatsApp group communities will even loudly champion the A or the B. The appearance of the name is not without reason. They also have several parameters so that the name of the candidate is worth socializing to the public.

Again, the discourse so far is no more often empty. Because until near the end of the year, both stroked and caressed experts are still absorbed in the comfort zone; ‘Waiting for each other’.

Will the PDI-P candidate’s prediction in Tabanan against an empty box become a reality?

“This possibility could have happened, if the courage of the candidates who challenged the candidates raised by the DPP-PDI Perjuangan was shaken”. Said I Nyoman Wiarsa when asked about the possibility of the emergence of PDI-P challengers as the ruling party in Tabanan.

Activist and also a successful businessman who is more popular called Nang Raka, said that there are several factors that cause several parties outside the PDI-P or independent candidates to be extra careful in calculating; because of the influence of Jokowi very strong effect. Because if using the party’s consideration without the Jokowi factor, Nang Raka predicts that the 2020 regional head election will be able to match the previous regional head elections. Because he saw that without Jokowi the development of the PDI-P vote was very stagnant.

“In the condition that the PDI-P is in a destiny that is very fortunate in legislative elections due to the impact of the presidential election, the only one who is able to bring up competitors is only courage. Do you want it or not? The parties outside the PDI-P have a coalition to make candidates. Or is there no courage from the community or community leaders to bring up candidates or move forward to become independent candidates. Urai, the CEO of the company which is under the Kurnia Group flag, explained.

If no one has ‘guts’, then the businessman from Tegal Linggah, this Penebel predicts that the PDI-P Candidates are very likely to fight an empty box.

At the moment Tabanan continued, Nang Raka really missed leaders who had courage; Courage in showing self-existence and courage in delivering Tabanan to change.

“So far, most of us have only been brave and smart in discourse, but no one has been able to give an example let alone provide evidence of the results spoken. In fact, we are in Bali, especially our society is a guided society. So people will quickly follow if we are able to give real examples. Not just talking “. The Chairperson of the Tabanan Regency BPD Forum concluded the conversation with the Team and at his office on Thursday (8/29/19).


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